Schools and Community Groups

There are two sessions available to open up the themes expressed in both the Ivy and the Rock, and Ivy and the Mole titles with little ones as a fun and interactive experience.

Welcome to the Wildest Wood is a PSHE session for Early Years and Foundation Phase pupils looking at the themes of love and loss in life.

Journey through the Wildest Wood looks at the theme of self-worth, and is more suited as a drop-in session.

Both sessions have been used within a ‘Wellbeing Week’ or similar context, or run in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week, for example, an d are suited to Foundation Phase, Key Stage 1 and early Key Stage 2 children at (but not limited to):

  • Primary Schools
  • Libraries
  • Toddler groups
  • Bookshops

Each session lasts up to 40 minutes – about the same length as a standard lesson, with repeat sessions available for delivery to multiple groups across a morning, afternoon or full day visit.


  • Fits in with curriculum aims for emotional wellbeing
  • Entertaining, fun, colourful, sensory
  • Let Jess take a lesson/session for you!
  • PR and social media promotion from Jess on your visit and your school

Welcome to the Wildest Wood (Ivy and the Rock)

We talk about loving and losing someone or something – possibly through dying – but also if somebody we love has moved far away, or we have mislaid a much cherished toy, for example. We talk about how this makes us feel and where we can go for help if we want help dealing with these feelings.

Parents and carers can also be reassured that the session does not focus on any specific religious beliefs, but more relates to how we recognise and cope with the feelings that loss and bereavement in life brings us. Jess, her lifesize ‘Tree of Memory’, a guitar and a ‘Wildest Wood’ comprised of grassy rugs, fabric flowers and cushion logs are laid out for the children to sit in.

Topics and Themes

  • Love and loss
  • Feelings that go with loss
  • Acceptance after loss
  • Coping mechanisms


  • Introducing Ivy
  • Reading Ivy together, discussing key moments – using our ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ Ivy padlets to answer
  • Ways to deal with ‘big feelings’
  • Who and what can help you when you’re feeling sad?
  • The Tree of Memory – drawing or writing our own as ‘leaves of love’ and sticking them on the tree at the front
  • Music for memories – Jess sings ‘Remember Me’ with her guitar

Journey through the Wildest Wood (Ivy and the Mole)

Ivy and the Mole is an age appropriate look at the concept of what self-esteem is at its most basic level. We talk about why it’s important to believe in ourselves and the kind of things we can do to help take care of ourselves emotionally. We talk about how this makes us feel and where we can go for help if we aren’t feeling very good about ourselves.

The children are invited to join the character of Ivy and the Mole and sit in the ‘Wildest Wood’, comprised of grassy rugs, fabric flowers and cushion logs. Jess sits at the front with her own copy of the Ivy and the Mole book, the ‘Molehill of Mindfulness’ and her guitar.

Topics and Themes

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-worth
  • Feelings that go with a lack of self-esteem
  • Self-care mechanisms


  • Introducing the Mole
  • Thinking about times we feel unsure about ourselves and times we feel ‘bright and bold’ using our ‘claws’ to answer
  • Reading Ivy and the Mole together – discussing key moments
  • Ways to deal with ‘big feelings’
  • Who and what can help when we’re feeling insure of ourselves?
  • Molehill of Mindfulness – writing or drawing our own affirmations on ‘Flowers of Feeling’ and pulling them out of the Molehill to read with the group
  • Music to feel good by – Jess sings ‘True Colours’ with her guitar

Our Reception children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the author Jess Childs read her enchanting book ‘Ivy and the Rock’. The interactive lesson captivated the children’s imagination and took them on a special journey through the ‘Wildest Wood’.


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