Ivy and the Mole

Ivy arrived in the Wildest Wood as a sapling destined to bloom into girlhood. When she was small the wood grew fast (right through the middle of Ivy’s heart).

Some days she climbed, sometimes she ran, others she just sat and played in the sand. But one afternoon, quite on a whim, Ivy decided to try out a swim…

Ivy makes an unlikely companion as she ventures into the Wildest Wood to find ‘Pond Number One’ and together the pair end up discovering as much about their own sense of self as they do about the magical landscape that surrounds them.

A look at the journey we all take as human beings towards finding and learning to love our true selves – Ivy and the Mole is a beautiful take on how identifying that one-off superpower that lies inside each one of us is the key to taking us there.

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