Ivy Feelings Doll

Sometimes it can be hard to tell others how we feel when we’re not really sure ourselves. You can use this Ivy expressions doll to help you think about what frame of mind you’re in when you get up in the morning, or before you go to bed, if it helps.

Memory Tree

Draw, cut, stick, write, remember. Use this tree template and the leaves that come with it to compile a collection of memories of someone or something you have loved and lost. You might choose to add your leaves on bit by bit, over time, and whenever you are reminded of something it might just help you feel close to them again.

Ivy’s Maze

Sometimes it feels helpful to look forwards in life, sometimes we just want to look back and remember what it felt like before. Ivy’s maze doesn’t have a start or finish, so you can go forwards to a new house, or back to your rock, any time you feel like it.

Colour your own Rock

Do you think about someone or something as a rock in your life? If they were a colour or colours, which ones would they be? You can choose from two different pictures from Ivy And The Rock and colour them in to look and feel more like your own if you like.


Sometimes it’s nice to be restful, at other times it’s good to keep our minds busy. You can download and use this wordsearch when you just need an activity to keep you occupied, or just for fun. It’s up to you!

Affirmation Cards

Giving ourselves simple, positive messages is a gift in life, and is a practice best rooted in childhood. You can download this page, print it off and cut the images out into handy little cards perfect for keeping on the fridge, your little one’s bedside table (or anywhere really!) to use whenever they might need.

Molehill of Mindfulness

When the Mole is worried he’s not good enough or unable to deal with life, he keeps a list of things that make him feel good inside his Molehill of Mindfulness! Cut this out and stick it on a jar, write down what you love about yourself or exercises you can do to help you feel better about yourself, and keep them in your own Molehill of Mindfulness. Next time you feel down, or anxious, or upset, pick one out, read it – and remember that you’ve lots to be thankful for, and that you’re a really great person too!